The Village Voice / Big 4 Review

…The day started early, with Anthrax taking the stage at precisely 4 p.m.; “It’s a beautiful day for metal,” frontman Joey Belladonna said early in his band’s set, and indeed it was, with just enough of a breeze to counteract the sunlight-borne heat. The early hour meant that the stadium wasn’t teeming from the get-go, but the general-admission crowd was large enough that people were allowed to, if you pardon the borrowing of a term, get caught in a mosh at four discrete places in in the outfield. Anthrax’s spiky, booming set seemed almost too short, especially since this was something of a homecoming for them (at one point an Anthrax banner borrowing the Yankees logo was unfurled and placed over an amp); their lumbering basslines and overwhelming enthusiasm, though, made up for the short time they spent on stage.

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