Frank Bello

“Now that my son is older, its really tough leaving my family to tour, but thankfully I can skype home everyday, and once I am with the band and all the fans, it ‘s like being with my extended family” says bassist Frank Bello, who has been the stabilizing force with Anthrax since the mid 80’s, and also happens to be related to drummer Charlie Benate.

Family ties aside, holding down the bottom end comes as naturally as holding together family life, both on and off the road for Bello.  But its his infectious personality that any Johnny-come-lately to the band will first recognize.

However, for those who have followed this band since Bello made his debut- his influence is larger than life.

Bello’s wit and dry humor was never more apparent than at the Big 4 post-performance press conference at Yankee Stadium late this past summer.  His deadpan answers, in full fictitious ball-player persona, were the perfect comeback to the mundane questions journalists were posing to the band.  It was hilarious, and effective, coming from a band that was clearly exhausted fresh off what was arguably the biggest show of their illustrious career.

Bello may not have stole the show that day- but he came damn close afterward.