Joey Belladonna

Joey Belladonna’s rise to rock n roll stardom is as well-documented and blueprinted as a roller coaster car just off the assembly line.  Its been tested in print and in real-life conditions  Yeah, there have been the ups and downs…but a roll is what Belladonna has been on since the release of Worship Music in 2011.

Not content with doing what he has done with Anthrax since ’84 , he’s built on the latest album and its success vocally with a passion not seen since his youth- all while cementing his relationship with Anthrax fans worldwide, who have characterized what he means to the band he helped create.

Its more than welcome back time – it’s about looking forward, and keeping the metal monster he’s been such a big part of churning for years to come.

“My wish would be that we tour a lot and write another record, and just be a band,” says Joey. “There’s nothing like having a band with the strength and the ability and the originality to just keep rolling. After it’s all come full circle, I think we see that.”