ANTHRAX Interview and Video on LOUDER NOISE TV

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Metalneck From Scott

Hello my friends! I am recovering from a severe case of Metalneck after last night’s incredible show at House Of Blues Hollywood! What a way to shut it down!!!
It was a blistering 2 hours and you guys and gals never let up for a second. Opening with 3 in a row from Spreading The Disease ripped, A.I.R., the much requested Lone Justice (you all know who you are) and Madhouse really set the pace for the evening all the way until Chuck D joined us on a category 5 hurricane version of Bring The Noise. Chuck is a force of nature and when he opens his mouth it’s like Black Bolt unleashing a shockwave but with lyrics. Seriously, House Of Blues was shaking at its foundation.
What a night.
Thank you LA and thank you House Of Blues!

OK, back to work on the new record.


(all pics – Ignacio Galvez)






House Of Blues Sunset Strip

Thank you to everyone for making the House Of Blues Sunset Strip Show so memorable. Setlist was filled with classics and a cpl of Worship Music goodness.
An amazing crowd joined us and moshed up a storm. A big shout of to the House of Blues Sunset Strip for making it a great night and all our friends, family and most of all the FANS for coming down!
Charlie, Scott, Frankie, Jon and Joey

Anthrax at the Sunset House of Blues in W. Hollywood, CA 7-29-15
Anthrax at the Sunset House of Blues in W. Hollywood, CA 7-29-15


Anthrax Celebrates 34 Years

Formed July 18th 1981 in new York City and still kicking ass! The band was named for the disease Ian saw in a biology textbook because it sounded “sufficiently evil” Of the “big four” thrash metal bands (the others being Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer), Anthrax were the only band from the East Coast.
Hardest Ever – Here’s to many more!!!