Watch Anthrax’s Chilling, Epic New Video
Nightmarish “Blood Eagle Wings” clip features graphic horror, surprise cameos


The clip features a skull-faced king presiding over a draconian society built on torture, torment and murder. A protagonist, played by James Duval (known for his roles in Donnie Darko and Gregg Araki’s Teen Apocalypse Trilogy), initially resists the carnage but eventually succumbs to his own graphic fate, inspired by the song’s title. The video concludes with the king surveying a modern cityscape — a clue as to the song’s meaning — and a final surprise featuring two unexpected faces.
Blood Eagle Wings Video Link To Rolling Stone Article

Anthrax Shed More Light on the Album


Five years after the release of “Worship Music,” the band’s Grammy-nominated, critically-acclaimed “comeback” album, “For All Kings” (Megaforce Records), the hotly-anticipated,11th studio album from thrash-masters Anthrax, finally found its way into the hands of fans this past Friday, February 26, and is off to a sizzling start at retail, radio and press. Al five band members – Joey Belladonna, Frank Bello, Charlie Benante, Scott Ian, and Jonathan Donais – all had something to say about this jewel in this new video clip:

For All Kings – early sales and radio action:
#1 on the Amazon Best Sellers Metal chart
#1 Metal album on iTunes
#1 best-selling album at Best Buy so far this week
#7 on the Amazon Best Sellers CD/vinyl chart
#1 Breakout album – Street Pulse
#2-debut – Street Pulse Indie Retail Sales (album)
#3-debut album – Street Pulse Major Retail Sales (album)
#36-bullet on Mediabase Active Rock Chart (“Breathing Lightning” single)
#38-bullet debut on BDS (“Breathing Lightning” single)

AMAZING press reviews:
“For All Kings is Anthrax at their finest.”

“…a modern, metal masterpiece.”

“The album is thrash perfection…”

“Riffing majesty from the thrash metal mavens.”

“For All Kings shows a band that is at the height of its game.”

“They have added another jewel to their crown with this one.”

“…a solid and powerful next step for this classic and innovative band.”

“For All Kings is a near flawless album…”

“…one of Anthrax’s best CDs of all time, a sparkling triumph in a huge body of their legendary work…”

“…a seriously heavy and astonishingly good record.”

“When you can be a band that has played together for well over 30 years and still put out quality music like “For All Kings’ it’s nothing short of magic.:

“For All Kings is not only a worthy addition to their catalog, but possibly the brightest gem in their crown.”

“For All Kings is definitely worth the wait.”

“For All Kings will be the Holy Grail for up and coming thrash metal bands.”

Fun and ferocity at the Anthrax “For All Kings” Architekt listening party put together a great run down of the awesome listening party for the new album where a few lucky ticket buyers got the chance to spend the evening with Anthrax,

The Anthrax listening party for 11th album For All Kings at the excellent Butler, NJ based media and educational facility Architekt Music (Sevendust, Thank You, Scientist) was a real treat. A limited group of lucky fans were treated to lengthy and quite hysterical Q+A, delicious catering (I’d been wondering what the food would consist of due to the interesting varied backgrounds of the band members) and the first real taste of the triumphant latest album from the thrash greats. Truly one of the strongest entries in Anthrax history, For All Kings deserves a place in the collection of every metal fan.

Listening Party report at Metalriot com – Click here to read more..



Charlie Benante Ranks the Thrash Legends’ Eleven Albums

In 2011, the band released what was considered by many to be a bonafide comeback album in Worship Music, which not only saw them reunite with their original label Megaforce, but also their classic lineup’s singer, Joey Belladonna. It’s been a five-year wait, but now they’ve returned with their 11th full-length, For All Kings. It was a long delay, but Benante says it was important for their fans to wait. “We did over 300 shows and I had carpal tunnel issues,” he says. “So there were reasons why we took so long. But we just wanted to make the right record and not rush something. There was no reason to rush anything. Let people miss you. Let them want to hear another record. Let them want to see you play. Don’t just be available all the time. You want a bit of absence so people get excited by something new. We don’t sell as many records now, so we have to think of alternative ways to sell an album. I just think it’s good to go away for a while.”

Charlie Benante rose to the challenge of ranking the band’s ten records. We could’ve made it that much harder and thrown in the five live albums, seven compilations and six EPs, but we took it easy on him this time.

For All Kings will be released on February 26, 2016 – Click here to read more..